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Alas, this will be the last blog I will be posting for Operation Nightwatch.

You all knew that with my impending retirement the end was coming soon. But the plan had been for me to wrap up my Nightwatch tenure neatly at the end of June.

But you know what old Robbie Burns said: “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley . . .”

The fact is, I have not been feeling in tip-top heath for at least the last couple of months. I would have some days when I felt absolutely rotten.

In the last couple of weeks, though, things have taken a real tailspin. Most days now I feel rotten. My doctor ordered tests. The diagnosis: liver cancer.

My energy and stamina are at an ebb. It now takes half the day just to get me jump-started. So I have to cut back on activities just because I can’t do them anymore.

The Nightwatch Board of Directors is on the cusp of naming my successor at Executive Director, and we hope to accelerate the original transition plan by getting him in place by the beginning of June, rather than the beginning of July.

The new ED may pick up where I left off in posting these blogs. It certainly would be a good way for you to get acquainted with him. But blogging isn’t specifically in the ED’s job description. I started doing it years ago basically because I enjoyed doing it (besides the fact that I thought they would give you a more in-depth insight as to what we do at live long and prosperNightwatch).

And I want you to know it truly was a pleasure.

As for my diagnosis? I know you’ll all be concerned for me, and I surely do appreciate that. But I’m actually rather glad they’ve finally put a name to what’s been physically been getting me down, because now a treatment plan can be developed and we can tackle it head-on. As long as I breathe, life will remain an adventure, and I’m interested to see where this new experience will take me.

And in the end, thanks to you all for keeping the light shining.