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For instance, Melissa B. writes this:5-star reviews

"I first had that opportunity to volunteer at Nightwatch three years ago as a student and I continue to volunteer to this day. Nightwatch is so much to so many people. What makes it so amazing is difficult to describe but easily seen if you have the opportunity to visit. Rather it be the smiles on peoples faces, the chatter in the corner, the vision of groups of people playing scrabble or seeing a person be able to sit down and feel safe for the first time in the day. As a social worker in the field, Nightwatch is to me an inspiration, it gives me hope and reminds me why I got into this field in the first place. Nightwatch does what many nonprofits don't do, they let people be themselves and allow for a clean and safe place to socialize with other people. Very few if any places exist that just allow people to be themselves and to come as they are. If it wasn't for Nightwatch so many people would not have the opportunity to do what so many of us take for granted, the ability to socialize other people and to be treated like a person instead of a nuisance. I honor Nightwatch and what they do, they run flawlessly and on a shoestring budget. Nightwatch is very well deserved of some assistance as they provide so much to so many."

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