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What a busy few months we’ve had at our Mobile and Southeast Hospitality Centers! As we have continued to deepen our relationships with our guests in SE Portland, a few notable changes to the Nightwatch Family deserve to be mentioned. First, we would like to sincerely thank Ted and Grace Jacobson for their four SE Portland signyears of dedicated service at our Mobile Center! Ted and Grace have provided food and hospitality at our Mobile Center every first Friday for longer than we can count, and for their service there are no words that could express enough gratitude. We will miss you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

As we have said goodbye to some of our crew, we also have had the chance to say hello to others. Solid Rock Baptist Church has joined our Mobile Crew for every fourth Friday, and we couldn’t be happier! This crew has brought belly-warming meals and heart-warming hospitality to our cold Friday evenings, and we look forward to continuing this partnership. Additionally, our friend Robert has generously stepped up to provide food for first Fridays. We are still looking for a regular first Friday crew (please contact us if you are interested!) but we can all breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that a hearty meal will be provided to our guests.

I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge those who have joined the crew of “regular volunteers” at our Southeast Hospitality Center. To you and to all of the amazing rock star volunteers we have been getting, we couldn’t do it without you. The presence of volunteers at our SE Center has enabled us to create a truly hospitable space to our ever-growing group of guests. Go Outreach Team!



With the beginning of the new year we will be reorganizing our Tuna Team, that group of volunteers that provides tuna sandwiches for our downtown Hospitality Center.charlie tuna Team members work on weekly rotation, so any one member only has the responsibility for sandwich-making every 6-7 weeks. Sandwiches are typically made at home, and can either be dropped off or we can pick them up. We can even provide the supplies or reimburse team members for expenses.

 If you would be interested in serving on our next Tuna Team rotation (which will run from January through April), please call/text (503-220-0438) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Here’s something you may not have known about Value Village: if merchandise has been on the floor for two weeks without selling, it is removed to make room onvalue village the racks for new things that have come in.

And what happens to everything that’s removed?

Well, at least some of it is going to be coming to Nightwatch. Value Village has selected Nightwatch as a local partner to donate whatever goods we need—e.g. blankets, coats, etc.

How great to have such a continuing source of supply!



Over the past year, our Board of Directors has been evaluating the literal value of outings. Because costs have skyrocketed, we have not been able to afford as many outings, nor take along as many people on what few outings we do have. Whereas ten years ago we may have been able to take 15 people on an outing for $150, we’ve 2016 outingslately only been able to take only half that number at half-again the amount. And once-upon-a-time, our annual spiritual retreat carried a cost of $600; now we can’t carry it off without spending at least $1800.

In 2016, we’d like at least to do the spiritual retreat and our annual beach trip. If we get money donated to afford  more outings, we will do more.

So we welcome your contributions. Unlike prior years, we will not be soliciting sponsors for individual outings. Instead we simply ask your support of our “Outings Fund.” With the spiritual retreat as our priority, we will seek to fund that first,  and once its expenses are made, we will funnel donations to a beach trip. Even more donations, and we’ll plan for more outings.

You can contribute either by sending us a check designated for “Outings,” or by making an online donation by clicking the "Donate Now" button. When asked, “Is there a special way you would like to direct your donation,” simply use the drop-down menu to click the “Outings Fund.”