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New Seasons / Timbers-Thorns Offer This Week's GiveGuide Incentives

Hey! By the end of last week we had raised 30% of our GiveGuide campaign goal of $25,000. (In terms new seasons logoof absolute dollars, we are now #1 in fundraising in our "Human Services" category, and #7 among ALL the GiveGuide nonprofits!) Now let's make sure we get the rest in hand by December 31's deadline.

This week the campaign is offering incentives on both Tuesday and Thursday to encourage giving.timbers thorns small

Donate $10 or more to Nightwatch on Tuesday, November 15, and be enrolled to win a $100 New Seasons gift card. We will get the card promptly to the winning individual so s/he will have it for Thanksgiving dinner shopping.

Donate $10 or more on Thursday, November 17, and you may be the winner of 4 Timbers tickets, 10 Thorns tickets, signed jerseys from both teams, and Timber Joe will visit the school of your choice.

The site to make a donation is Find Operation Nightwatch in the "Human Services" caregory.

Best NightFest Ever!

Not only did we have a great time at the Lagunitas Community Room on Friday evening, but the evening ended with donations to Nightwatch totaling over $12,000!

We want to thank everyone who made it possible. First of all, to our sponsors of the event who donated the space, the help, and the food: NightfestBestEverLagunitas Brewing Company and Sizzle Pie. And thanks also to April Rhodes for the decadent cupcakes that topped off the meal.

Thanks also to all those who donated items for our silent auction. It was the greatest collection items we have ever seen.

Thanks, of course, to all who participated with their own contributions that put us over the $12,000 mark.

And the greatest thanks to Nightwatch's Fund Development Committee who invested all the effort in putting the event on. A special thanks to Melssa Bensink and Bergen Allee for the many hours of effort they devoted in herding all the cats to make NightFest 2016 something to remember, while raising the funds to keep the services to our guests vital.

We Need Asset Relocation Technicians!

Or, more simply put, we need 3 willing volunteers to help us move some blankets from their storage moving blanketscontainers to our Downtown Dungeon. Moving these will ensure that we have a constant supply downtown for our guests.

If you are free Sunday, November 20th at 2 pm and have a car to transport yourself, we need you!

We’ll be renting a UHaul, so all we need are some movers. The boxes are light and the whole process shouldn’t take more than 3 hours- most likely much less. If interested, please email Mikaila at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us here at (503) 220-0438. Thanks for your help!

WATCH: The Mobile Hospitality Center

Though Nightwatch is a single organization, it sometimes feels like we have two faces: there's the Downtown Nightwatch, and there's Nightwatch in SE.

The constituents of each Nightwatch--both guests and volunteers-- may have a vague sense that the other exists, but what exactly the other is like may elude them.

Well, here's good news (at least for the Downtown folks)! We now have a professionally produced video created by Blackstone Edge Studios that shows in less than two minutes what Mobile Hospitality Center is all about. You can access it on YouTube by clicking here.

The MHC goes out every Friday night to serve folks in SE along the Springwater Corridor. If you've been a Downtown volunteer and are intrigued enough by what you see in the video to volunteer a night with the MHC, just let us know.

As for our folks in SE . . .

We'll work on getting something similar put together about what goes on Downtown so you can appreciate what goes on there.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Executive Director, But Were Afraid to Ask

gary simpsonOK, so maybe on your "need to know" scale, this doesn't register toward the top.

But you've may have seen him around and may be curious about his backstory. What brought him to Nightwatch? What motivates him to keep going? And especially, what's his opinion of the volunteers?

The online zine, "Pregame," published an interview last week with Nightwatch's Executive Director, and the full text is available for the reading. You can read it by clicking here.

(There won't be a quiz at the end.)

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