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Volunteer Shortage Imperils Showers in SE 

The showers we are able to offer to our guests on Saturdays at our SE Hospitality showers trailerCenter have been one of our most popular services.

However, we may have to eliminate offering showers simply because we haven't had enough volunteers lately in SE to supervise them. We need volunteers to step up to facilitate the shower vans, or else the disappoint amont our guests will be great.

The gig itself is quite simple: you show up to help set up the trailer, get people signed up, and wait around and interact with our guests while people shower. The showers take a super quick rinse down between guests, and then you get to go back to socializing. If you have any questions please email Mikaila at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To sign up for a shower shift, click our “Volunteer” button at our website and grab a slot!

Drivers Sought

In going out in Friday evenings, our Mobile Hospitality Center provides a vital drivers neededservice to the homeless in SE. (Take a look at the MHC at work.)

We're seeking to expand our pool of MHC drivers. A special license is not required. We will provide ample training. Driving is no great chore, as the spot where where we set up is only one mile from where we store the vehicle through the week. And by being part of a pool, you would be called upon to drive on only an occasional basis.

If interested, let us know by calling 503-220-0438 or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2016 Annual Report Now Available

annual reportExcept it's actually more than an annual report.

Because our Executive Director, Gary Davis, will be retiring in June after ten years, this year's report reviews the entire decade he has been here. For those who are relatively new to Nightwatch, it can serve as something of a history lesson.

If you would like to read it, you can find it online by going to

GiveGuide Campaign Great Success!

Thanks to all of you who contributed to make this year's GiveGuide campaign a rousing success! When the midnight chimes sounded (along with all thegiveguide celebration genericneighborhood fireworks) on midnight of New Year's Eve, we had topped all previous years with a grand total of $26,568.

The GiveGuide campaign is a key element in supporting all the programming we offer to our guests. With your help not only will we be able to continue our regular Hospitality Center activities in downtown and SE, but solidify our expansion of services in the health and mental health areas and also increase our geographic outreach.

Thanks again for helping to make this a happy new year for all those we serve!

WATCH: The Mobile Hospitality Center

Though Nightwatch is a single organization, it sometimes feels like we have two faces: there's the Downtown Nightwatch, and there's Nightwatch in SE.

The constituents of each Nightwatch--both guests and volunteers-- may have a vague sense that the other exists, but what exactly the other is like may elude them.

Well, here's good news (at least for the Downtown folks)! We now have a professionally produced video created by Blackstone Edge Studios that shows in less than two minutes what Mobile Hospitality Center is all about. You can access it on YouTube by clicking here.

The MHC goes out every Friday night to serve folks in SE along the Springwater Corridor. If you've been a Downtown volunteer and are intrigued enough by what you see in the video to volunteer a night with the MHC, just let us know.

As for our folks in SE . . .

We'll work on getting something similar put together about what goes on Downtown so you can appreciate what goes on there.

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