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How Much Does It Cost to Operate Our Hospitality Centers? (I)

Not that much, really--if you calculate costs on the basis of per-guest-per-night. For the cost of a frappacino, you could support the enjoyment of two guests at our Downtown Hospitality Center (and more guests than that at our other Hospitality Centers)!

Take a look at how the costs pencil out:

per guest per nite costs

Blanket Crowdfunding Campaign Update

Here's where we stand in our crowdfunding campaign to raise enough to purchase 100 blankets by the end of this month:

 60 40 blankets

We now have enough in our coffers to buy 60 blankets.

A contribution of only $10 will by a blanket. Help us gain the remaining 40 to reach our goal. Join the campaign by clicking here!

Consider an Internship!

internshipStudents! Looking to the upcoming fall, we're seeking those who might be interested in interning with us. With an internship, you'll be able to exercise more inititiative and creativity than regular volunteers, as we invite you to be part of our decision-making team.

An internship can involve a number of negotiable tasks (including the possibility of helping to coordinate the Nightwatch Free University). And you can never know where it may lead--given the fact that our Assistant Director Mikaila started out as an intern.

If interested in exploring the possibilites, give us a call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

"Nightwatch Free University" to Begin in Fall

So you volunteer at Nightwatch because of your social conscience and your desire to help those in need. But all the while you're volunteering here you're gaining knowledge and experience. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a way to gain some certification acknowledging that? Such acknowledgement would certainly look good if you're building a resume, especially if your desired career-path is in the area of non-profit management, social work, or psychology.

Starting this fall, Operation Nightwatch will offer such certification through the Mozilla Foundation's Open Badge Project. The Open Badge Project was initiated by Mozilla out of the recognition that "learning today happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. But [because] it's often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen outside of school[, the Open Badge Project seeks] to solve that problem, making it easy for anyone to issue, earn and display badges across the web through a shared technical infrastructure." 

open badges logo 600x300

Naturally, badges would be of little value if they weren't earned. Certain defined standards would need to be met. At Nightwatch, we will be offering several different "modules" through which one can gain a badge. The proposed modules and the requirements for each will look something like this:


  • Volunteer weekly at one of our Hospitality Centers for the length of a school term (roughly mid-September through mid-December)
  • Attend three monthly 1 1/2 hour presentations focusing on homelessness, indigent mental health, and addiction issues


  • Pariticipate in nine-hour Street Team training
  • Volunteer as a member of a Street Hospitality Team for the remaining length of the school term


  • Complete the 6-hour Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training


  • (Requirements TBD)

∞ LEADERSHIP TRAINING MODULE (this module is designed for those who would like to establish and run a Nightwatch-like hospitality outreach in their own neighborhood/community--involves extensive training, supervision, and follow-up)

We'll be passing along more details in coming months. In the intervening time, if you'd like to ask questions or register your interest, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call (503-220-0438).


Farewell, Katherine

Katherine postage stampKatherine Gordon, Operation Nightwatch's Program Coordinator since August, 2014, wil be retiring from the position next week. Her last evening at the Downtown Hospitality Center will be Thursday, February 26.

Brian Branigan will fill the role of interim supervisor of the Downtown Center.

If you would like to send your best wishes to Katherine as she undertakes a new chapter in her life, you may reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.