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Local Bands Battle It Out to "Keep Portland Warm," Dec. 6

keeping portland warmAlder Street Records and RLM Entertainment have put together the first annual "Keeping Portland Warm" event to collect blankets, coats, and warm clothing for Nightwatch on December 6.

The event will feature live music from local bands Spank!PerkSubconscious Culture, and Free Thought Takeover, and will be held from 2 to 10 p.m. at The Rumpus Room, 10555 SE Division.

If you're a party person, put it on your calendar. If you're not, we still need blankets, so however you can help in that regard would be most welcome.


Holiday Sock Drive Strives for "Toasty Toes"

Those who have been down in our "dungeon" (where we store all our supplies) know it's can be a pretty toasty toesgrim place. Now it's even grimmer than usual because we have no more blankets and are scraping the bottom of a literal barrel for socks.

And that's why we're encouraging local churches, schools, and organizations to engage in a sock drive for Nightwatch during the holiday season in our "Toasty Toes" Holiday Sock Drive.

If you would like to help by hosting a drive at your workplace, church congregation, or even just among your friends and family, send us an email and we will send you a digital version of our "Toasty Toes" flier to print out and post!

May the sock collections begin!

Give!Guide Campaign Off to Great Start!

We at the two-week point since the beginning of our GiveGuide campaign, seeking to raise $25,000 by December 31--and we're doing very well!

Just how well are we doing? Fundraising gurus say that we could consider ourselves "on track" if by this thermometer 11 14 15time in the campaign we had raised 10% of our goal. In fact, we have raised 34% of our goal! Furthermore, if we look at where we are at in comparison with the other 143 local non-profits participating in the GiveGuide campaign, we are currently #7 in the amount of money raised (and most of the others beating us are much larger organizations than ours, e.g. the Oregon Cultural Trust and the Oregon Food Bank).

Much of our early success is due to last week's NightFest--a terrific event where we raised over $10,000 for meet both short-term and long-term needs.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed. And as this campaign is critical in funding our work throughout the year, let's see that it continues through the next several weeks with the same vitality. We still have 2/3 of our goal to make!

Give now!

The Barista Extraordinaire

John Dunham, who could always be found at our Downtown Hospitality Center serving coffee to our guests, has finally decided to retire.

John has faithfully been at the coffee machine almost every night the Downtown Center has been open, ever since we moved in at St. Stephen's five years ago. (John ran the dishwasher, too.) He has certainly earned the break!

John has been a critical member of our team. We often said, "All the rest of us are dispensible, but we couldn't run without John." Now we're going to have to learn how to.

We'll still see John around. He'll be coming in to the Downtown Center as a coffee consumer, rather than a coffee-server. So the next time you see him, tip a cup of java to him and toast him for all his good work!

Portland Panty Project Off to Great Start

Tportland panty project logohe Portland Panty Project, organized by volunteers Paige Sanders and Ashley Garber, has begun a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe, and has already raised $885 toward its goal of $3000.

The aim of the PPP is to provide clean undergarments for homeless women, an oft-overlooked and -neglected segment of the homeless population.

The PPP now has its own Facebook page. You can access it to learn further updates, and if you want to support the project, the GoFundMe site is easy to use.