Spare Parts?

Our model railroading group has developed a layout plan. It decided it wanted model something with which they had some familiarity--trains that operated within Portland's urban environment. portland traction co logoFortunately, we found online some plans for a layout that modeled the network of the Portland Traction Company, which ran trolleys and interurbans between Portland to Gresham in the east and to Oregon City in the south in the first half of the 20th century. (Interestingly, the PTC controlled the lines that ran through the Springwater Corridor, of which some of our guests have great familiarity because they camp there.)

We now could use some materials to get started. Here are some things we need:

  • Scrap lumber: used pallets, 2x4s, and plywood
  • Plastic ground covers / tarps
  • Drop cloths

And if you have any old model train components gathering dust in your attic, we could certainly use them too! (We'll be modeling in HO scale.)

We'll continue to keep you posted on our progress.

Would You Like to Join Our Tuna Team?

We will soon be reorganizing our Tuna Team, that charlie tunagroup of volunteers that provides tuna sandwiches for our downtown Hospitality Center. Team members work on weekly rotation, so any one member only has the responsibility for sandwich-making every 6-7 weeks. Sandwiches are typically made at home, and can either be dropped off or we can pick them up. We can even provide the supplies or reimburse team members for expenses.

If you would be interested in serving on our next Tuna Team rotation (which will run from September through December), please call/text (503-220-0438) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Jackie's Last Night

This Friday, August 1, will be the last night of service for our Program Coordinator, Jackie McCook. She'll be heading back home to southern California.

Makeover Night Coming to SE!

When we offered Makeover Night at our spa overviewDowntown Hospitality Center, it proved a great uplift to our women guests, boosting their self-image and self-esteem.

On August 23, we will be bring Makeover Night to our women in SE.

We're looking for contributions. Do you have any spare make-up, nail polish, emory boards, fragrances, jewelry, scarves, etc. to donate? Contact us if you do. You can make some of our neglected women guests feel very happy!

No Favorites, Please

One of our regular guests came by the Nightwatch office last week with a grievance. His complaint was that he saw too many volunteers playing favorites among the guests. When food was no favoritesserved, some guests typically got served first, being able to choose from the best things. (He even knew that some guests had some food set aside especially for them.) And he could easily point out how some volunteers sat with the same guests all the time while ignoring the others.

He was quite mad. He felt he was being treated as much a second-class citizen at Nightwatch as he was on the streets. A better version of hospitality was being offered to a few, while he felt barely any.

He had a point. And we cannot allow this to happen. While it is certainly true that some guests are more easy to get along with than others, we must intentionally do all that we can to treat all our guests EQUALLY. We may gravitate to some rather than others because those “others” have habits that are so off-putting, but it’s precisely because of those off-putting habits that they need someone to have patience with them, since they likely suffer the most from social isolation.

Please, don’t socially isolate them yourselves. Please: play no favorites!