Operation Nightwatch
Serving Portland's Street Population Since 1981

Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision


living without shelter…

is perhaps the loneliest experience there is. Shunned, rejected, isolated, houseless people live most of their lives in social isolation. Whatever other things they may be struggling with --e.g. unemployment, physical disability, mental illness, or addiction--are only magnified because they feel so terribly alone. Furthermore, evening is the loneliest time of day. Hungry, cold, and hurting, anyone who needs help but finds everything is closed finds the hours unimaginably long. Operation Nightwatch recognizes all this. Through our Hospitality Centers we provide not only a safe place where those on the streets can find food, socks, clothing, blankets, and medical care, but also caring staff and volunteers who will listen to their stories and welcome them as friends.

For at least a few hours a few evenings a week, we offer a place where they may feel at home.

Our Mission:

Operation Nightwatch provides nighttime hospitality for Portland’s unhoused population to promote dignity, community, and social connection.