Operation Nightwatch
Serving Portland's Street Population Since 1981

Our Staff

Our Staff


Paul Underwood
Executive Director

Paul Underwood began his tenure as Executive Director in July 2017. Paul has an extensive toolbox of skills ranging from homebuilder to mountaineer, and was most recently employed as the Director of NAMI. He continues to teach Family to Family classes through NAMI, and hosts regular hikes and mountaineering activities. He has a passion for making mental health services more accessible to those who need or want them, and is working to implement a Peer Support Specialist componenent to our current mental health initiative.

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Mikaila Smith, MSW
Assistant Executive Director

Mikaila Smith serves as Assistant Executive Director. She has been with Nightwatch since 2012, and has earned her MSW degree from Portland State University. Mikaila is responsible for overseeing the organization’s operations including staff support and management, volunteer training and recruitment, community outreach, and providing Non-Violent Crisis Intervention trainings. Mikaila and Paul also partner together to facilitate and supervise the Southeast Hospitality Center on a rotating schedule.

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Kolin Busby, MSW
Mental Health Director

Kolin Busby serves as the Mental Health Services Director and primarily operates at the Downtown Hospitality Center. Kolin provides trauma-informed crisis counseling, solution-focused brief therapy, and engages guests in harm reduction strategies. He offers strengths-based support to guests who do not typically engage with traditional mental healthcare services. He is available throughout the night for any guest at any time. He has also been working to bring peer support specialists in as volunteers as a means to better support our diverse population of guests.



Zubaida Ula, MSW

Zubaida Ula serves as the Downtown Program Coordinator. Zubaida supervises and facilitates our Downtown Hospitality Center and her responsibilities include volunteer support and training, crisis de-escalation, guest interaction and support, special programming such as Movie and Birthday nights, and all other aspects relating to our Downtown program. She comes to Operation Nightwatch with an MSW degree from the University of Michigan, and with 6 years experience working with people experiencing chronic homelessness, mental health and substance use challenges in a supported housing setting.