Operation Nightwatch
Serving Portland's Street Population Since 1981


Serving Portland's Homeless Since 1981


Operation Nightwatch is a non-sectarian night ministry of friendship and community that has been serving Portland’s unhoused population since 1981.

Whereas other agencies exist to provide services such as housing, food, and clothing to those experiencing homelessness, low-income individuals, and those living with mental illness, ONW’s unique vision is that these populations also may suffer from simple social isolation. Our simple mission is to reach out to them, nurturing relationship.

We welcome each person who comes to us, just as they are. 

No one is required to conform to any particular belief or faith practice in order to receive our services.

To be homeless is to lack roots, ties to place, and a sense of belonging. Extending hospitality re-establishes this connection.
— Gary Davis, former Executive Director